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Jackie's wedding!

Another couple of my friends got married, Jackie and Qiufeng! I went to their wedding on Jan 01, 2010, yeah, the first day of 2010, the first wedding I went in 2010, haha. I had a great time there and well, as the “photographer” for them :) The groom looks handsome and a little anxious at that time, and yes, the bride is so beautiful!

OK, take a look at what I’ve got:

jackie's wedding - 005

Friend's wedding last week

Last friday I went to a friend’s wedding and was asked to take photos for the wedding, I had a great time there and took lots of nice photos :D Well they considered me as the photographer but I am really not, haha. Both of the bride and the groom are my friends, and even the bride was my classmate in the university and were roommates, we were very close.

OK, take a look at what I took:

zhong's wedding

zhong's wedding

zhong's wedding