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Video: Survivors of Auschwitz 65 years on

CNN’s Don Riddell meets three death-camp survivors and asks them how they have coped since the end of WWII.

More than sixty years ago they were prisoners in one of the Nazi’s most notorious death camps. Decades later three survivors tell of the horrors of the holocaust and their experience of the camp’s liberation on January 27, 1945.

Two videos about flying!

Airplane to Airplane Skydive

This one is just cool! I just saw that scene in the movie! Hope that’s real, too!

Giant Waterslide Jump

This one was a little well-know and popular before, I guess some of you might have seen that already, it’s really stunning and fun, but some people are doubting it’s fake and a made-up ad, here and here. And this guy even did a math for that!

I doubted it, too. I hope it’s real, but before that guy made it, did he ever fail? if he did fail and fall down to the ground, he would be hurt so much and can not do that one more time at all, right?

Wordpress: Core Team Meetup Results

To get started, here’s a short video from the meetup discussing some of the topics and 2.9. In the opening pan, you’ll see (L-R) Andrew Ozz, Mark Jaquith, Jane Wells, Peter Westwood, and Ryan Boren, followed by Matt Mullenweg as the first person talking. Tip: go full-screen in HD to feel like you were there.

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dotSUB - Any Video Any Language

Here I just want to share something interesting(maybe useful) with you. Well, in these days, I found a site that is pretty nice and useful for someone who wants to learn, to understand, or to take deeper into the spoken English, someone like me. It’s “dotSUB”:!

For me, I’d like to learn English because it’s interesting and like a window to another world – an awesome world(maybe), well, my written and reading english is not bad because I read and write something in English frequently, but as you knew or even came across, the spoken English is pretty different from that…