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One more mug got printed

Update: Here’s the mug on Zazzle with my design from this original here. If you like it, you can get it.

Wow, cool! One more mug got printed with my “roof top” design! My friend, Phat, who’s a great bird photographer from the US, got the mug I sent to him (actually it’s sent from my big brother Jeff) finally, and he took the pictures for his new mug and put it on his flickr, take a look:

And you might want to take a look the other mugs with this design and the story right here.

"Roof top" mugs

Few days ago, I got a package from the other side of this planet, 2 mugs inside the package from my big brother Jeff :D Thanks for printing my artwork (roof top) on the mugs and share it to the world :D I love the mugs, they look very awesome and beautiful! haha :D

Actually the artwork is a part of this poster design, which was designed for my hometown for the Chinese New Year party, he looked at the poster and really like it, especially that part on the mugs, yeah, that part about 2 kids, a cat and a dog on the roof top, he loved the dog so much, then he went to Zazzle to print it with mugs, haha :D

Just take a look, hope you like it:

mugs from Jeff

mugs from Jeff

mugs from Jeff