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Photos: Depth Of Field Photos

Wow! Look at these! Depth of Field Photos! I think today’s my favorite photo(s) are shown below:

I found the photos from, Actually below are 3 of them I love best.

Words Of Love: so sweet, one picture is worth a thousand words.
Photo credits: Oprisco

Practice Makes Perfect: this one is really fun, which makes me smile :)
Photo credits: Samantha T

Freedom: incredible!
Photo credits: Emmanuelle Brisson

Competition of photography

After being with the noisy family – my mom’s loud talking with my aunt via telephone, my mother’s mom sat next to me to listen to what they are talking about, and sometimes she interposed with some words, loud, too. Well, that’s the way of speaking my mom’s household have, speaking as loud as they can, I love that though I haven’t got that hereditarily. My aunt had a problem about that her husband hit her when he’s getting drunk yesterday because of some ridiculous reasons. BTW, I was sitting in between them to listen to them carefully. And my sister’s watching the TV shows in the same room and seems there’s none of her business, just focusing her sight on the screen, hoho~ And my daddy came back home late, so he’s not made any noise then(joke).