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Magazine time with sunshine


Another sunday here, like last sunday I had, warm sunshine, clear sky, comfortable temperature.. Differently that is I don’t have a plan to go out for taking photos this sunday. I woke up at 11:30 today, good morning? Oh, sorry, noon is coming :P So after finished the simple lunch which has beef balls, I picked up a magazine from my friend’s desktop, randomly. As you can see a small green stool on the picture below, I sat on it and read the magazine, with warm sunshine, feel nice. OK, let’s see what interesting stuffs I got from the magazine.

Mom, I'm on Magazine!

Wow, cool! I’m on magazine!

After more than one month await, this week I finally got the most interesting stuff in the beginning of 2009 – the current on-sale SoGuide Magazine that I am on as a model! As I mentioned in the post “Be the Model of SoGuide Magazine”: before, So-Guide is the most popular magazine in Xiamen(from what I saw), and last month by some chance I was invited for the Magazine as the Model for a special topic – that was talking about the change of the television from the older 60’s of 20 century to the early of 21 century