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Hello Xiamen!

After 10 day holiday at my hometown for the Chinese New Year, I was back to Xiamen yesterday for the fresh 2010 :)

I was so happy and enjoying the time with my family and had a great time with them, and another good news is that the new house my parents are building is almost done, I think we can move into the new house in the middle of this year :)

Below are some photos I took when I was my hometown with my family, hope you like them:

preparing for the new year

Back home for Chinese New Year

Hey, friends, I am back in Xiamen right now, well, I was back in on Feb 7 actually, you know, I really didn’t want to get back so “tight” – I was enjoying the time with my family at my hometown, but I had to get back, the clients were “missing” me after they went work on Feb 3 or Feb 4. So I have been a little busy working on some projects, some were done, some are on-the-go :)

Most interesting thing we did at hometown: Of course it’s roasting something! You know that’s the first thing first to do every year we get home…

Poster design for our hometown

Poster design for our hometown - 00

I finished the poster design for our hometown this week. Well, one of my friends, who is my native also, is going to set up an Association for our hometown, it’s named “Huxiang Youth Association”, “Huxiang” – 胡巷, which is the name of our village, where we grew up. And one day of this year that guy and I sat and had the lunch together to plan the Association. Well, that guy spent much more time than I on planning about that, he told me he’s been working on that nice thing for one or two months, with his rest time. Pretty hard work, I call tell.