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Frogs in a well - 坐井观天

Today my big brother Jeff sent me this page when we’re talking about the young Chinese people go abroad, he said: all young people in China should go abroad, at least for a short while. Otherwise, they’re like frogs in a well. I like it, haha. In Chinese, we called “a frogs in a well” as “坐井观天” or “井底之蛙”, below is the story:

坐井观天(zuò jǐng guān tiān)

As a frog sat at the bottom of a well, a little bird flew over and perched on the well’s edge. The frog asked the little bird, “Where did you fly here from?” The little bird replied, “I flew from far away. I flew through the sky for more than a hundred miles, and now I’m thirsty, so I came down to find a drink of water.” The frog said, “My friend, enough of your boasting! The sky is no larger than the mouth of this well, how could you have flown so far?” The little bird said, “You’ve got it wrong, the sky is boundless, it’s extremely big!” The frog laughed and said, “My friend, I sit in this well every day, and I need only to look up to see the sky. I cannot be mistaken.” The little bird also laughed, saying, “Friend, you are mistaken. If you don’t believe me, jump out of the well and take a look.”

from: 坐井观天-OurChinese.

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