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What is your plan for a fresh start to 2010

I hope in 2010 I can get these things done:

  1. Build 3+ websites (personal projects).
  2. Have more communication with the other people around the world and more athletics.
  3. Learn Japanese.
  4. Find more projects and get them done, more efficiently.
  5. Travel to more than one city and think about work in another city.
  6. Decorate our new house.
  7. go find some nice guys and work with them.
  8. Read more books.
  9. New year’s wish list: Amazon Kindle or Apple Macbook Pro.
  10. Design a calendar for myself and my friends.
  11. Redesign (my this personal site).
  12. make more money for renting a office.
  13. Learn a new skill, a funny or special one.