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links for 2009-12-15

Let It Snow on Flickr

I just read this article on Flickr Development Blog, found it’s fun and interesting.

Let It Snow:

Last holiday season, we got around to making it snow on photo pages – just for the fun of it. If you happen to be on a photo.gne page and add ?snow=1, it might still even work.. We’ve also used a variant of the effect in the past for beta feature sign-up sequences, complete with cheesy MIDI renderings of “The Girl From Ipanema.” Again, this was “just because”; sometimes the web is most entertaining when it’s most unexpected. If you can occasionally make your users smile, giggle and laugh when using your site, chances are you’re doing something right – or, you’re running a comedy site that’s going downhill.

Take a look at this video:

Show the World Your Best Shot in 2009

Not sure when the Flickr Blog has been blocked here and not sure when opened again exactly, yesterday when I clicked on the Flickr Blog url, found it can access. It’s good news anyway. Well, I’m so glad to know about that and can enjoy much more fun within Flickr world.

I think you guys who love taking photographs should take a look at this flickr blog post and join this group, haha.

OK, let’s take a look what the post about:

Your Best Shot 2009

Photo: Photography Buddies

This is my today’s favorite photo.
Beautiful lights against the dark bridge, very nice contrast, and make those 2 people stand out from the background. And the funniest part, for me, is, the person on the right looks like a robot, not a human. Look at his right hand, does it look like a mechanical hand?

And you know who he is? He is Thomas Hawk, who is one of my favorite photographer on Flickr, he’s amazing, here‘s his flickr photostream, just take a look.

Going to send the postcards!

As I mentioned in this previous post, I got a set of new postcards and wanted to to share them with my friends. By now, I got 20 friends to send them the postcards, so excited. Yeah, I bought another dozen of postcards then. Going to the Post Office and send them this afternoon, haha. And if you want me to send you one, let me know here or contact me, I’d be very pleased to send you one! They’re really beautiful!