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Switch to Wordpress from Textpattern 2009

OK, let me have you a list about the key features I prefer WP:

  1. admin interface, absolutely.
    As I mentioned above, WP’s admin interface is more attractive and friendlier, and yeah, easy-to-use. The developers of WP seems spent lots of time working on the user experience and user’s feedbacks, it seems they know the things of most of the authors need or hate, simply, they’re making a content publishing user interface as best as it can be.

    admin interface of WP

    admin interface of TXP

  2. Posting easier.
    because of No.1 feature, and with WYSIWYG HTML rich text editor, posting becomes very easily and quickly in WP.
  3. Media handling.
    In WP, uploading and using media such as images, audio files become very easily and Continuously. You can upload a batch of various of media files in the same time, editing them in a same page with AJAX tech, almost real-time working. In TXP, if you want to use an image, you have to jump between the Write page and the Images page to get the image ID or url. It’s boring. Also, managing media files is pretty easy in WP.
  4. template files editing.
    Well, this feature is just my personal favorite. I like editing template files in the external editor (such as Coda) and update them to the server, things getting easier for me to control in Coda for me, because WP has hard physical (PHP) files on the server, manageable with FTP. But in TXP, I have to do most of editing and coding work with browser because everything is in the database, within fields in the admin area.
  5. import & export another better experience for me with WP. In TXP, sometimes I got errors to import articles.
  6. More Plugins and easy to Install.
    With WP getting more and more popular, there seems to be more plugins available for WP and they’re easier to install.
  7. category.
    a post can assign lots of categories. But In TXP, you can only have a post 2 categories (by default).
  8. more options for Links.
    this one is not big deal but I think I prefer it.
  9. wider support by most of the well-known sites around the world and larger community.