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George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya

George Carlin:
was an American stand-up comedian and social critic, who won five Grammy Awards for his comedy albums. He was also an actor and author.

That’s all I know about him from Wikipedia for the first time. But that’s good enough for me, simply, I think he’s “the old fucker” after I watched his stand-up comedy show: It’s Bad for Ya!
Yeah, that video is how I know about him for the first time, I’m not living in the US, so I don’t know too much about stand-up comedy and him, they are completely strange for me, I guess stand-up comedy is similar to Xiang Sheng – 相声 in China.

Someone said: (this show is) the best of george Carlin ever. Surely one of the funniest and lighter comic guy worlwide. Well, I watch his show for the first time and don’t have too much word about him. I just think this show is just awesome, well, it is pretty fun! In this show he talked about “old fucker” point of view, children education, question about everything, religions, rights. He’s really smart and funny :) Take a look at the video below, I can’t stop laughing when I was watching it:

English speaking with Chinese subtitle