What is your plan for a fresh start to 2010

I saw this post in Freelance Switch Forum today, and think it’s a interesting post and just came in time, because I was going to have myself a list of the plans for 2010.

I had an outstanding year in 2009, but I know that things can change quickly.

I hope in 2010 I can get these things done:

  1. Build 3+ websites (personal projects).
    Well, I’ve got some nice ideas this year and going to make them come true next year (2010). I wrote down and made the wireframes for them on my notebook, hope I can get them done in the beginning of 2010.
  2. Have more communication with the other people around the world and more athletics.
    I don’t think I’ve done good enough on keeping in touch with the other people such as family, friends, clients.. And even did less athletics in 2009. Health is more important than making money, right?
  3. Learn Japanese.
    Japanese, Japanese, remember, it’s another interesting and useful tool that helps me get into another awesome world.
  4. Find more projects and get them done, more efficiently.
  5. Travel to more than one city and think about work in another city.
    I’m currently living in Xiamen, yeah, I’ve been here for more than 7 years, I love Xiamen, as I said before, it’s beautiful and peaceful and there’re lots of good memories here. But maybe I should move on, go out and see another different world. In 2009, I traveled to Xi’an, Shaanxi.
  6. Decorate our new house.
    You know, my parents are building our new house at my hometown, this year we knocked down the old house and built a new one on that place, by now, the progress is doing well, the framework is almost done, and next is decorating it. So excited about it, I hope we can move into our brand new house in 2010!
  7. go find some nice guys and work with them.
    I’ve been working as a freelancer for more than one year, and had a great time with the satiation, but I think it’d be better and cool to work with some excellent people out there. I can learn something new from them, well, each other.
  8. Read more books.
    At first, I hope I can finish <1984 – George Orwell> and <About Face 3 – Alan Cooper> in the beginning of 2010.
  9. New year’s wish list: Amazon Kindle or Apple Macbook Pro.
  10. Design a calendar for myself and my friends.
    Well, I have never designed a calendar before, I want to try design one for the coming year with the drawings I made on Hua Zhong Wen. And I’d like to use the calendar to manage my time and schedule.
  11. Redesign (my this personal site).
    In the end of 2009, I redesigned the site. I hope I can turn it new every year.
  12. make more money for renting a office.
    this one is pretty hard to get it done for me, but I will try my best.
  13. Learn a new skill, a funny or special one.

So, What would you do different in 2010? what is your plan for a fresh start to 2010? Share us your plan here :)

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