journal site coming soon!

After I went to a friend’s (who was my classmate in the university) wedding last friday and got back home, I thought I should build a website for the class (class of 2006, and Computer Science & Technology 2002, we called “02CST” for short) we were in, haha. I think it’d be fun. I’ve got a plan for the site and wrote down the ideas on the paper. In shortly, this site would be a place to show 3 main parts of our life, (the photos, videos, stories of) Wedding, University Time, and Activities or Parties not in the university. Well, it’s just a rough plan then. I have to get it more detailed and start to design the site :) I hope I could get it done by the beginning of Jan 2010, haha.

Below is the coming soon page‘s drawing, hope you like it :)

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