Well-known designers who use Textpattern

Sure, there are lots of reasons to use Textpattern as your site or projects’ publishing platform, it’s no wonder that publishers, designers and developers everywhere choose Textpattern. In this post I will have you a list of some well-known designers (developers) who use Textpattern for their personal site or projects:

Here’s the list I got by now:

(Sorry, the last one is not a person, but it’s still good enough to take a look)

Something I just missed? Come join me to keep this list “growing up” if you got some other url, thanks!

Good news here:

I just open the url of Textpattern and see something new! Textpattern released its new homepage today, I think. The new one is better than previous one, simple, elegant, well-navigating, user-friendly. Well done, Textpattern!

Home Page ­ Textpattern CMS

new Textpattern logo

(But where’s the old logo? It’s so classic.)
Textpattern  logo

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  1. Abounding


    I am considering Textpattern for an upcoming project. Thanks for the list, it may turn out to be very helpful.

  2. Chris. Jack


    Oh, so glad if it’d help you a little :)

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