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Well, people would like going outside for a travel with the glorious weather, sunny, little wind, clear and blue sky, and the best thing is that you go with your family – parents, kids.. or with your best friends, it is always feeling nice. As someone said:“ it doesn’t matter where you go(or what the weather is), it does matter that who will go with you”. Well, if there’s a nice weather, too, that would be prefect.

Sure thing that there was not a glorious weather yesterday when I had a travel to Nan Putuo Temple, Xiamen China. Even there was a gray, overcast day. So, I met a bad weather but still went outside with my friends, I think that(the friends) is the good part of the bad thing : )

Yesterday though I was pretty busy working on a Graphic Design for a client and the due time is closing, but I went with my other 3 friends when they called me and “dragged” me over and over again to go with them, the reason they gave out is that I’ve stayed at home for a long long time, I am going to be crazy. No, I won’t be, I am sure that. The reason is funny, anyway, they just wanted me to go with them. Well, I thought I can finished the rest of that project at night, and the place we would go is really beautiful, well, there’s another reason is that we have a pretty girl in our team :)

And on the other hand, one of my friends has got fired because of the economic crisis in last week, the company is a foreign trade company. He’s been through with the “last day at his company” as I came across before. I understand him, that feels not good. Hopefully he could get himself new job soon : )

As I mentioned above, we went to Nan Putuo Temple, which is a beautiful and landmark building in Xiamen, China. I have been there about 4 times when I was studying in my university, without doubt, that’s a nice place to go, even it would be better if you were a buddhist. OK, below is a simple introduction about Nan Putuo Temple:

The temple was first built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). And rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it is now an imposing multi-layered trapezoidal structure that overlooks the sea. The Shrine of Buddhist Scriptures houses a huge collection of Buddhist cultural relics, including a Burmese jade carving of the Buddha and many important Buddhist literature. It is one of the sacred places of Buddhism in Southern Fujian. Inside the temple there are the Heaven King’s Hall, the Daxiong Hall, the Great Compassion Hall, all of which are built in an exquisite and grand style.

More about “Nan Putuo Temple and around”:

OK, take a look at some photos I took there:

I have taken another video when we were there, it is really funny, and I am going to have it the (English)subtitle for you, well, I am still trying to figure out how to add the subtitle to the video on Mac, haven’t found anything yet, do you have any suggestion? After I am done with it, I will show you here

Get started taking photos!

Get started taking photos! - 1

King Palace – Tianwang Palace


King Palace – Tianwang Palace – inside

King Palace - Tianwang Palace - 1

King Palace – Tianwang Palace – inside

King Palace - Tianwang Palace - 5

Pretty girl – Ping

Pretty girl - 2

Stone Lion

Stone lion - 3

Wired guys

untitled - 2


Flowers - 1

We are leaving

OK, go home

More interesting photos on the “Nan Putuo Temple Set”: of my flickr.

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