Fixing disc burning error on Mac

After my roommate’s Dell laptop was stolen in July this year, I just recognized that data backup is really important and necessary, because he lost everything includes the work projects files, codes, database, even personal digital memory of his life such as videos, photos, letters, after his machine was stolen, it is terrible. He would not lose anything if he had another storage device like external hard drive, DVD discs or things like that. But he didn’t have any of them, well, after he lost the Dell, he bought an 160 GB external hard drive. So do I. I think backuping data is important for me, also, there are so many important and unique files such as my portfolio, photos, personal collections of something interesting on my Mac, and the 160 GB hard disc is almost full :(

I need backup my data, but I don’t have a plan to get an external hard drive or an “iPod Classic”: right now. So I bought a few blank DVDs for burning the data I want to have a backup.

Yeah, the DVD was ready, but when I inserted it into my (Mac)superdrive, and burn it with Finder Burn Folder, it didn’t work as before, and showed up the alarm window said like this:

Well, I thought there might be something wrong with burning in Finder, OK, gave up with it and got burnt it with Toast 9 Titanium, but it didn’t work for me, again! The error info is:

What’s wrong with it? Is there a problem with the mac optical drive or the DVD disc? I had no idea with them, either. One of my friends told me that it might be the wrong DVD type I got, so I went back to the shop to change another type of DVD disc – DVDR, I had the DVD+R before. Then I had another try with the different DVD discs, but it failed again, so I think the reason that can’t burn DVD was mostly there’s something wrong with the mac optical drive. Then I looked for the answer with help document of Finder, typed “burn” in the Help window, I got “this(useful) info”: in the Help Document. After I read it and followed the solution lists – especially Repairing your startup disk with Mac OS X Install disc, it can burn the DVDs now!

OK, below is a note for fixing the problem:

  1. Get the good DVDR disc (as my recommendation) and make sure it is clean
  2. Free up the space if your (startup)disk is nearly full
  3. “Repairing your startup disk with Mac OS X Install disc”:, here is “how”:
  4. Restart your computer and try burning it again
  5. Quit all the applications whichever you are using or not(recommended) – just in case that was the cause
  6. Low burning speed such as 4X or even lower
  7. Do not move your computer when the disc is being burned
  8. Waiting, coffee, waiting, tea, waiting, done!

Of course, you could follow the Help document when you are coming across such problem, you know, the Help document is always your friend and the secret helper provides you the fastest help in anytime, then you might be interested in the note I list above if the problem is still there.

Hope this article helps :D

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