Bookmarks Bar Keyboard shortcut

Like in adobe Photoshop, there’re some Keyboard shortcuts with “cmd” + Nums such as “1, 2, 3…” which are showing you the Channels of the image you are processing, same idea in safari of Leopard, when you press “cmd” + “1” or any number you can reach, the safari will launch the link where is right on your Bookmarks Bar, for example, refer to my bookmarks bar, when I press “cmd” + “1”, “Google Translate” link will be opened on the Tab bar, press “cmd” + “2” -> “Gmail”, press “cmd” + “3” -> “Apple”. In this case, this kind of shortcut keyboard will skip the bookmark folder, just like “designc7” folder right after the “Google Translate” – but it’s still good enough to launch the links on the bookmarks bar quickly : )

Try it yourself :)

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