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Wow, there! Now I can contact to Flickr with my Textpattern Blog, that’s kind of cool thing for me. You know, I was trying to figure out how I can use the “Blog this” of Flickr, but after looking around the settings of my account carefully, I failed with it, nothing about Textpattern is shown on the “blog” list.

But by accidentally, I found that there’s a “XML-RPC server” setting in the textpattern Preference, I just wondered what it’s about, then I followed this and this link. Then I can set my textpattern blog up to flickr(blog this) after I enabled the XML-RPC server.

You can simply do the following steps:

  1. log in to the admin side of your textpattern site
  2. visit the “Advanced” page in the “Admin > Preferences” tab
  3. Set “Enable XML-RPC server?” to “Yes” and hit “Save”
  4. Then go log into your flickr account page, select the “Extending Flickr” tab on the right
  5. Find the “your blogs” section, click “Edit”
  6. Then click “Add another blog” to get into “Add a blog” page
  7. You’d see “What kind of weblog do you have?”, choose “MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog” or “BloggerAPI Enable Blog” from the dropdown list
  8. Enter your RPC link, which is like this:, your login user name and password, click OK to get into next page
  9. Now choose a section as your blog for posting a flickr photo to go to from “Weblog” dropdown menu on the “Choose a weblog” page
  10. After done checking your details, click “All done” button then all are done really!

Please note this:

  • Choosing “MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog” or “BloggerAPI Enable Blog”, either one is OK, I’ve tested with both of them, well, I didn’t know what the difference is between them. I choose “MetaWeblogAPI Enabled Blog” as my recommendation.

You can post here for more question about setting your textpattern blog to flickr, contact me or email me if you’d like to : )

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  1. kyber


    Thanks for that – I had set it and forgotten it long ago and when I needed to configure again, could not remember the settings to use. I mostly blog using the free Microsoft Windows Live Writer application. Handy your post came up on a quick search.

  2. Christopher Jack


    You’re welcome, Kyber. Live Writer sounds nice :)

  3. Nathan Logan


    Hey, thanks! I was trying to do it via the Atom one and it wasn’t working. Thanks for the help!

  4. Cedric Francois


    Helpful post -thanks!

  5. Sims 2 Vibrator


    I should notify my friend about it.

  6. Natural Shaved Pussy


    hm. informative thread.

  7. Ron Lubensky


    This is a genuine comment! Thanks the explanation about publishing into txtpattern!

  8. Leszek


    I started to use textpattern lately and tried Ralph von der Heyden’s plugin but was unable to configure it right. Now I found your awesome post and everything works allright :-)

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