Switch to WordPress from Textpattern 2009

As I mentioned in this previous post, I switched to WordPress (WP) from Textpattern (TXP) this time for my site redesign. I think it’s time to give myself a chance to try WP, not just for trying something different but trying to find a better system for my site or (future) projects.

I used TXP to power my personal site (called v1) last year (2008), at the beginning of that I was going to build the site from zero, I came across to decide that which CMS (Content Management System) I should pick to work with, between TXP and WP. At that time, I picked TXP because it’s more flexible, easy-to-use and it’s called “designer’s CMS” choice.

That’s the story of one year ago. But time changed things. From what I saw, nowadays, after one year’s development, WP’s growing up pretty fast, and TXP seems steps slowly. First of all, WP now has an much more attractive and friendlier Admin interface than TXP, in this aspect, WP did a better job than TXP, at least, as a front-end web designer, nothing better than working on an elegant and easy-to-use user interface, I think. TXP changed very little, then.

OK, let me have you a list about the key features I prefer in WP:

  1. Admin interface, absolutely.
    As I mentioned above, WP’s admin interface is more attractive and friendlier, and yeah, easy-to-use. The developers of WP seems spent lots of time working on the user experience and user’s feedbacks, it seems they know the things of most of the authors need or hate, simply, they’re making a content publishing user interface as best as it can be.

    Admin interface of WP

    Admin interface of TXP

  2. Posting easier.
    because of No.1 feature, and with WYSIWYG HTML rich text editor, posting becomes very easily and quickly in WP.
  3. Media handling. 
    In WP, uploading and using media such as images, audio files become very easily and Continuously. You can upload a batch of various of media files in the same time, editing them in a same page with AJAX tech, almost real-time working. In TXP, if you want to use an image, you have to jump between the Write page and the Images page to get the image ID or url. It’s boring. Also, managing media files is pretty easy in WP.
  4. Template files editing.
    Well, this feature is just my personal favorite. I like editing template files in the external editor (such as Coda) and update them to the server, things getting easier for me to control in Coda for me, because WP has hard physical (PHP) files on the server, manageable with FTP. But in TXP, I have to do most of editing and coding work with browser because everything is in the database, within fields in the admin area.
  5. Import & export is another better experience for me with WP. In TXP, sometimes I got errors to import articles.
  6. More Plugins and easy to Install.
    With WP getting more and more popular, there seems to be more plugins available for WP and they’re easier to install.
  7. Category.
    A post can assign lots of categories. But In TXP, you can only have a post 2 categories (by default).
  8. More options for Links.
    This one is not big deal but I think I prefer it.
  9. Wider support by most of the well-known sites around the world and larger community.

And here is a list about the key features of TXP that are better than WP

  1. TXP has an amazing Article system, you can post articles anywhere with Sections and Pages features and use Forms to present them as you want them presented. But in WP, it’s harder to get it done, basically, you can only have one blog and post entries to that one blog page. Well, you can use Conditional Category function to control what posts are displayed in the related or assigned Category page, we usually called “it requires a hack”, but it’s more complicated, then.
  2. TXP is nice since it uses its own tags => provide a higher level of abstraction while retain flexibility. WordPress still muddle too much in PHP. As a front-end designer, it’s been a little harder for me to get started with in the beginning.
  3. for me, WP is the best blog publishing system I’ve used ever, but TXP is a better CMS than WP.

Well, as you know, I am a front-end designer not a technical person who knows about how the system codes work, this is all in relation to my personal experience and not a professional recommendation one way or the other.

And keep in mind, there’re some other great CMSs out there, not just WP and TXP. But if you’re not sure which system (WP or TXP) you should go for, I recommend you to read these nice articles as shown below:

  1. Natalie Jost: WordPress vs. Textpattern 2008
  2. TXPMag: Textpattern versus WordPress
  3. Robert: WordPress Vs. Textpattern
  4. Chris Bowman: Textpattern – the new WordPress?


Is this a WordPress Vs. Textpattern post also? I don’t think so. But I did make the comparison of them here. Let me know if you get a idea about this or other comparison. Please leave a comment!

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  1. Jatinder Thind


    Excellent comparison of Textpattern and WordPress. Even I started off with TXP but recently have started appreciating WP more and more.

    TXP needs to offer a WYSIWYG editor as an alternative and also redo the admin panel interface.

  2. Chris. Jack


    @Jatinder, thanks for your comment :)
    Yes, I think TXP really needs to offer that, it’s “painful” on posting or something esle in TXP admin.

  3. Duncan


    Interesting.I’m looking at going from WP to TXP because I fancy a change, but haven’t found any good supporting evidence that says this is the right thing to do.

    I guess I should stay w/ WP.

    Thanks for the article, it was a very interesting read.

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