Show the World Your Best Shot in 2009

Not sure when the Flickr Blog has been blocked here and not sure when opened again exactly, yesterday when I clicked on the Flickr Blog url, found it can access. It’s good news anyway. Well, I’m so glad to know about that and can enjoy much more fun within Flickr world.

I think you guys who love taking photographs should take a look at this flickr blog post and join this group, haha.

OK, let’s take a look what the post about:

Your Best Shot 2009

It’s become somewhat of a tradition within the Flickrverse to look back over the last year and share a “best shot”. We hope that you’ll review the last year and share a photo in Your Best Shot 2009.

It can be the photo or video that most expresses your growth as a photographer, captures that special moment, or just plain rocks your socks off. It’s as simple as that.

We’ll be featuring a few of our favourites over the coming weeks here on FlickrBlog. Check out these two discussion topics within Flickr Central for a look back at 2007 and 2008

You’d know how nice this idea is after you see these topic and photos:

Trust me, they’re really nice and featured on the flickr blog homepage, you will love them.

So, how to be a part of the best? Oh, yeah, the group: Your Best Shot 2009. Join this group and add one photo which you think it’s the best one among the photos you’ve taken in 2009, that’s it!

Here is the slideshow of Your Best Shot 2009 Pool (group), it’s real time show! It has been 9,651 photos in the pool by now, and the amount is increasing!

I added this one to that pool as the one I loved best:
On the train - little kid

I really like this one and think it’s best one I took in 2009. It’s a little kid’s picture I took on the train, I was on the vacation to Shaanxi Xi’an, China by train. He’s a sweet and cute boy and ate so much on the train. We had a great time there, haha. PS. My big brother Jeff loves it, also!

Go join there and show your best to the world!

Read the blog post here: Your Best Shot 2009 « Flickr Blog.

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