Sawori Nishidate swimsuit gravure and video

Sawori Nishidate swimsuit gravure and video -> 西舘さをり 水着グラビアと動画

My friend in Japan sent me a url about Japanese Gravure idol, well, it’s my first time hear about something like that, totally strange thing for me. But it seems nice. The girl’s name who’s in the video is 西舘さをり = Sawori Nishidate (I googled it :P)

Well, I am studying Japanese but trust me, I am rookie, really. I think Japanese is very interesting and, yeah, it’s hard to learn (as you could guess), though I’m a Chinese and lots of Japanese Characters came from Chinese long long long.. long time ago. So I really didn’t get that what she’s talking about, then I asked my friend. He told me the story:

Unfortunately, she is a vague (or timid, I guess) person. She says she has never climb a ladder, then she says “Now I am on the top of the ladder, the ladder has 24 floors! The view is nice, you have to climb the ladder! “

How cute (可愛い = Kawaii) she is, isn’t she? Haha,

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