Resting with the place where I belong

Someone’s saying: “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong”.

Well, for me, it’s something familiar. Everyone has his(her) place where he(she) belongs, the place where they loved, look forward to, or born in, or something like that. For me, my place like that, are mostly like Xiamen city, and my hometown, those where I’m living and born in. Well, you know, there were most memorable and happiest time in Xiamen for me, I live there, I studied there, I worked there, and I found and met someone there, and it’s so beautiful place to go to then, there were most of my friends, too. As I said before, I hope someday I can become a Xiamener that I and my family and my children can enjoy our time there forever, well, it’s really difficult to do it, I know.

And now, I’m at home, I went back to my hometown, where my lovely family live, and where I born in, I really love here, it’s peaceful, beautiful, seems could get me away from the pressure, the pains, the problem, it could prevent the damage from the other people, the noises from the city, the pressures from the competitions, and things like that. Well, as grew up, I realized that the more pressures I met, the more wishes that I want to have myself back here, really strange, isn’t it? I’m not sure that, but I know that’s the way I lay down my body and heart here, I mean, that’s the way I take all the pressure off then.

Well, I just saw and talked with one of my classmates this afternoon, who was a girl and now is a mom of a cute kid, well, we’re classmates and has the same age, but she’s got married and has had a baby about 2 years, really happy, right? Yeah, I think so. She’s became a mother and I am just a single gentleman and working around the world, unstable, don’t have a family yet(my wife, my child), feeling lonely around, where is my family? Where is the place I belong that is so nice to have myself back? I thought it :)

I met some problems in my life in the past year, and it’s very hard time in this year even, actually, it’s terrible, I think, I am not sure if there’s some other people in common in this case, I just thought I got bad lucky. Well, sounds like I’m complaining? Yeah, I think so. I do not want to, but I did it out of control in my mind. I thought it with that way :(

It’s not good, I know. Well, I just want to speak out my thoughts, and I don’t know how to get it done then. Hopefully everything will be better soon.

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