Questionnaire for blog design

Without posting for a long time, I know, forgive me, I have been really busy in the last couples of weeks. I am working hard on several projects in the same time, small or big. I was planning, wire-framing, sketching, visiting the clients’ offices over and over again, and playing with pixels with my mac, though, the weather is getting cold in Xiamen.

questionnaireOK, here I am going to sharing you something about blog design when you take a Blog Design/Integrating project. Well, understanding your client’s need is the good beginning for your design project. So, first of the first thing you need to do, is asking your client some questions or just listening to her/him carefully, just don’t come to your computer and click the Adobe Photoshop icon before you do that, pls. Go talking with your client and listen to what he/she say, what she/he need, and remember or note them in mind, prepare a pen next to your hand and write down what they say. At least, that’s what I do when I am working on the project.

Below is the Questionnaire for the Blog Design/Integrating project that I made. It can be used for asking the clients directly with the questions when you are at their offices or having a email conversation as a MS Word file to the client and let the client fills it out the send back to you, it depends on the actual situations you’re coming across.

The Questionnaire for your blog:

  1. Need a logo or have one already?
  2. What’s your favorite color(s)?the main color(s) for your blog indeed.
  3. 2 Columns or 3 Columns for the layout of your blog?
  4. How many sections will you have them on your blog? What are they(exactly)?such as “Home”, “About”, “Archive”, etc.
  5. What content will your blog have?What kind of content is your blog (mainly) talking about?
  6. Need a photo gallery(Section), also?
  7. Do you have any special(or favorite) Header Image for your blog or need a new design?
  8. Get a slogan for your blog?
  9. Domain name(s)?
  10. WordPress or TextPattern ?Well, there are some other CMS / Blog Platforms out there, just let me know which one you like best :)
  11. Login & Register links?For multi-users/authors feature
  12. Feedback link?For the bug/suggestion reporting of your blog?
  13. What API(s) would you like to embed them into your blog?Such as: flickr, twitter,, facebook, or things like that.
  14. Something special else to let me know?
  15. Above is the question list for letting me get your future blog even better. Let me know “if there is somewhere we haven’t got to find?” — from the New Yorker Comic book that was talking about finding the missed-way golf ball.

If you have some other good ideas about the blog questionnaire to add, feel free to post here to share your thoughts!

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