Photos: Depth Of Field Photos

Wow! Look at these! Depth of Field Photos! I think today’s my favorite photo(s) are shown below:
I found the photos from, Actually below are 3 of them I love best.

Words Of Love: so sweet, one picture is worth a thousand words.
Photo credits: Oprisco

Practice Makes Perfect: this one is really fun, which makes me smile :)
Photo credits: Samantha T

Freedom: incredible!
Photo credits: Emmanuelle Brisson

The source and more from: 35 Cooless Depth Of Field Photos to chase those Monday Blues | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without Hitch

Depth of field is a creative technique in photography that brings out the focus of a particular matter in the image. Most commonly known as DOF, it is the total distance between the nearest and furthest object that appear reasonably sharp in photography. There are three factors pertaining to the effect of the depth of field – lens focal length, aperture and shooting distance.

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