New notebook, new start, more fun

Yeah, as you can see the picture above, that is a new notebook that I bought Carrefour last week, look the same as the old one (see the pictures as shown blow). I like this kind of notebook, kraft paper covers, light gray lines, light yellow color papers, nothing on the covers.. Looks very clean and simple.

After done with 3 more projects, I ran out of a notebook completely. Usually I use notebook for:

  1. writing down the good or funny ideas that just come with my mind;
  2. wireframe and layout for web site design or other design work;
  3. sketches for fun;
  4. time schedule or Calendar purpose;
  5. notes;
  6. keep away from computer as long as I can.

The new one:

new one! - 4

Here is some pictures of the old one:

old one

old-notebook - 02

old-notebook - 05

old-notebook - 06

old-notebook - 07

old-notebook - 08

old-notebook - 10

old-notebook - 11

old-notebook - 12

Do you use a notebook? For what?

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