links for 2009-12-08

  • 新的一年即将到来,我们挂在墙上或是摆在办公桌上的日历就要结束它的使命了。换一本新的日历往往包含着很多的感情在里边,在一个终点和起点交接的时刻里,你选择什么样的日历来陪伴你走过下一个365天呢。


  • Movie poster is used to advertise a film, they usually displayed inside and on the outside of movie theaters, and elsewhere on the street or in shops. Therefore an creative and stunning movies posters can easily attract people’s attention or even made the movie memorable.

  • In 1985, Apple aired the commercial Macintosh the Computer for the Rest of Us offering the general public the possibility of using computers in their homes for the first time. MacHEADS follows the story of the Macintosh community and its unconditional devotion to Apple Inc. For them the Mac was not just a machine – it came with a social movement, a whole community which believed they were going to change the world. MacHEADS : is a feature length documentary which explore the loyalty of Apple Fanatics and their obsession. The film takes an in-depth examination of just what makes the Mac, the iPhone, and Apple’s other products seem like cultural phenomena rather than just consumer electronics.
  • The Royal College of Art’s graduate show has opened, and this year, the show-stopper was a plug. Min-Kyu Choi impressed every passer by with his neat, apparently market-ready plug that folds down to the width of an Apple MacBook Air. “The MacBook Air is the world’s thinnest laptop ever. However, here in the UK, we still use the world’s biggest three-pin plug,” says Choi.

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