Working from sunrise to sunset

The paddy - 3

After 3 continually busy days, I really feel tired, actually, dude.

You know, we family are still working on reaping the paddy on the farmland, in this season of every year, there’re couple of very busy weeks or months like right now. We usually plant tobacco in about June(I am not sure exactly), and reap it in about September, then we sell the tobacco with about 3 or 4 carry-out. Then we get to October – this month that we’re busy working in.

Well, we didn’t feel so tired and continue reaping the paddy with so many days last year, because people here have a reaping machine to work on the farmland, it’s a big guy and almost full-automatic, and effective, we just drive it onto the farmland, then everything is done. All we need to do is that get the paddy packaged and carry them home. But this year, we got bad lucky, most of our paddy in the field are blowed down by the wind and rain, that means the automatic machine can’t work on it, because that machine just works perfect with the paddy that stands up, but, ours are lying down :( That’s the problem, all we have to do is to reap them with our hands and man-powered tools like sickles.

So that’s why I feel tired in these days, ahu~ You know, we(not including me) usually get up at 5:00 AM and go to the farmland at about 6:30 AM, then in the middle, we just have a lunch then go back there to work without a break, and after that, we go home by 18:00 – that time is the sunset. Well, I get up at 8:00 AM, sorry, I can’t be up that early, though I am trying to get up earlier – even 7:30. OK, I’ll try my best, it’s hard for me, you know that!

Oh, BTW, my hands and fingers(especially) have got hurt by dragging that heavy man-powered reaping machine(unlucky, not that automatic one), and there’re some wound on my fingers, those are cut by the leafs of the paddy or things like that. Really hurt and hard to clench my fist.

Well, we’ll work on that terrible things with 3 – 7 days, it depends on how many people we have to work on it, today we have 6 people so that we got a big movement.

And although I’m tired, but the view of the farmland and the country road are really beautiful, aren’t they? There are even so many nice people and birds’ voices and flowers, that’s really like “birdsong and fragrant flowers“. And I even get a dog that follows me going to the farmland everyday!

OK, take a look at what I’ve taken on the country road:

The paddy land view - 02

The paddy land view - 08

Little flower - 1

Sunset on the land - 6

Resting at night

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