The bad weather, then reading and studying

Oh, I haven’t updated my post yesterday for some reasons, actually, because I was busy studying Textpattern till midnight, which is a great personal publishing platform like WordPress, but they’re something different anyway :)

So this post is just for yesterday that I should post it, well, let’s go back to yesterday by a time machine. OK, here we go:

You know, the weather of yesterday was really strange and confused, it changed between cloudy, then sunny, then rainy, and even rainy and sunny in the same time. But we had some paddy need to be dried in the sunshine then could be sold, yeah, sunshine! But where’s the sunshine, just a little outside. Well, a little rain yesterday, too. So we – my maternal grandma and I were worried about the paddy that might be got soaked by the bad or unstable weather, we had to go outside or raise our heads to look at the sky for checking if there’s something like water drops or tears dropped down by someone in the air. And we have to shout away the chicken which were eating our paddy on the ground. So you can tell how tired and busy we were, dude?

Pen, book and Mac - 4

Well, it’s not that bad that I’ve read the 《about face 3》 book when I came back from the ground, I don’t want to waste time on complaining about the bad weather. I was reading the book on the stone chair(that is cool, BTW) when the weather’s sunny. And my maternal grandma went to shout away the chicken when I was in break(reading). I thought that’s the good part of the bad thing, really :D

OK, then I got some time at night to study TextPattern. You know, I am looking for a publishing system(platform) to integrate running my blog, site, or projects or things like that. I think that Textpattern is the right platform that just meets my needs, well, WordPress is great also, but not for me at this time. I will explain why Textpattern is right for me, and what the difference between Textpattern and WordPress is.

Take a look at some photos, dude:

My maternal grandma - 1

Working on my personal blog - 7

Working on my personal blog - 5

Another new born egg today - 4

The cat's looking at me - 2

And more photos on my flickr

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