Sunshine, dog and my mom’s worry

Yesterday after I added a event into iCal(Calendar of Macintosh) for today, that event says “Vote day for the presidential election of the US”, which means the presidential election of the US is going countdown. Well, that’s interesting and amazing for me, but just like that, I’m not a voter of the US. But anyway, I’ll support Obama as my big brother in S.F does! I hope Obama can make it tomorrow :P

OK, for the weather of today, I’d like to say “nice and well done to someone in the air”! You know, it is real sunny day, clear sky, blue, beautiful. And it’s better that the paddy we had before can be dried by the sunshine, that’s the best part of the nice thing, haha~ Well, for me, I love the blue sky, but I don’t want to go out to work – I’m lazy. You know, as a farmer, you should go out for working when the sunshine’s appearing, not out for doing something else like taking photos, traveling, or running. Anyway, I went out for working this afternoon because my father went to downtown to buy a reaping machine this morning – though he hasn’t got anything yet when he came back home.

Roofs and blue sky - 13

And I went back from the farmland by bicycle, with my dog, BTW. Really happy that my dog starts to follow me when I go to the farmland lonely every time, you know, that black lady did never follow me going out before, well, it did, but it just followed me when my sister’s going with me, I mean, it follows my sister not her big brother :( Oh, one more interesting news here: I’ve got my dog a name, it’s “A Tian”, A Tian = 阿 田, Tian = farmland, I named it like that just because it is happy to follow us to go to the farmland every time.

Just now my mom talked with me about something important and upset, she said she sees us(my little brother and I) growing up, and hard working for supporting all of the money of our school life – from pupil to university student, they(my parents) are so tired and getting older and older. She’s confused that if it really helps that we go to school and get the bachelor degree. And she told me that some other guys in our hometown who’s the same age or a little older to me, one’s a layer(or something like that) who’s working for the government, and the other one who’s my classmate in primary school, is a official also, has just got twins this year. And one more good situation for my mom is both of them have their own house in the cities. Stable job, disturbing-less life, householder, that’s what they are going with now just (mostly)because they’re officials. Well, I’m complaining about that. My mom meant that they got the bachelor degree then being the officials, what a great life they’re having. OK, I understand my mom always, she’s always caring about me and my little brother, she’s a great mom and my heroress. Completely, she thinks why don’t I become a official or doctor? If I don’t, what the degree is for? As I said before, my mom has never been to school, my daddy is likely that, they’re farmers. They support us so many years as hard work as they can, I knew that and I saw that, and don’t have any complaint about what they’re doing. That’s really great for their children. My mom has asked me to take the official exams over and over again, she thought that’s the way to get the good life, well, sometimes I thought she considered it as the only way. I understood her completely, but I have my own thought or mind about getting good life. Well, be honestly, I really don’t have too much to reply her with this subject now. I am confused, actually. I am thinking of my life, my dreams, and something I really want to do. A sure thing is that, I really don’t want to become a doctor or a official at all.

I have to think about my mom’s words more careful later, I think.

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