Still going in Rainy day

Foggy day - 2

Still, today is a rainy day, damn it.

You know, here we don’t go out to work when there’s a rainy day, well, we can’t and we don’t want to, farmers are lazy, haha~ So, our family stayed at home today almost, I woke up at 7:30 AM this morning and got up at 8:00 – see, I can get up so early now, you know, I can’t do that when I am in xiamen. After breakfast, my daddy went out to check the vegetables we planted outside while there’s drizzle. And for me, I thought the good part of the rainy day is that there’re 2 nice things I can enjoy: sleeping and the view of outside world- especially the view of the mountain around fog.

So I took my camera out and walked alone the country road, there’s a few people outside, I am not sure where they go, but that’s good for taking photos, because you know, in our hometown, it’s a novel thing here, there’s seldom kind of digital device such as cameras, computers, or things like that, even there’s no internet. So it’s attracting people’s interests hardly at that time. I walked around those places where I played around with my friends when I was a little boy, those places were considered as where and how I grew up, really memorable. Let’s show you some:

Dog tail grasses - 02

Dog tail grasses - 07

Leaves - 2

The house around wild road - 1

And after that, I continued studying Textpattern, actually, it’s a little hard to me, I’m not a programmer or php expert, really. But I found textpattern is really interesting and useful, and I solved a big problem today that would help me in the future. Well, after getting back to xiamen, I think I have to learn some PHP basis later.

Studying about textpattern - 1

OK, done posting here, one more good thing is that I’m glad that my sister got home today, it’s friday, remember?

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