Some photos of the family

Well, today is anther rainy day, damn it. It has been raining since after midnight, that lasts so long time. I thought it would stop in the morning, but it didn’t :( Really bad for that, we get another day without going out for working, and the paddy are still rotting in the water and we can do nothing. Oh, sorry for telling you this firstly. I don’t want to do that, but that(such situation) is really bad and bored. The whole family is embarrassed, really. We’re losing so much in the year.

OK, let me change the subject. Talk about something happy :)
You know, this morning when there’s still raining, one guest came visit our house, it’s my maternal uncle’s mother. I didn’t know she would came before, I was surprised, and just thought “Wow, my maternal uncle’s mother, long time no see, how are you?”. She brought a big package, well, it’s not heavy though it looks big. I “carried” it for her, and she said that’s a kind of dry food, all of us can make it here, but my sister and aunt think what she makes is really delicious, I think so, haha. Then we chatted for a little while, she said she has to go a temple where is very near by our hometown for praying and making the wishes for her family. You know, most of us are buddhists here, my mom and her mom are devout buddhists, actually, my maternal grandma usually goes to the temple every 15 days, for praying, or cooking(she’s a member of that temple). So I know what my maternal uncle’s mom is going to do in the temple this time. Then my maternal grandma got some nice foods in the market after she knew her came. I thought there will be a lively lunch time with us.

And yes, there is, then! My mom cooked the lunch, then we ate the delicious(well, some of them are not that delicious for me) and talked happily, you know, there’re 6 people around the dinner table, that’s cool and making some noise, haha. Oh, before we had our lunch, I suggested that we can take some photos after lunch, my mom said that’s all right – well, seems that she didn’t want to show herself today, she’s not ready, I think, haha.

We took some photos after lunch and finally my mom took some also, she didn’t want to take and did something else in another room when we were taking photos outside, then I went in and asked her to come with us, finally she went out and change a little better coat for that. Well, though I’ve taken some photos for her, but she didn’t want me to show her those photos to my friends, because she thought those are “ugly” and she looks very old. I said OK though I don’t agree with her in mind, I thought she is beautiful and good-natured and not old.

BTW, my daddy just went out before we got started taking photos, so we can’t see him in the photos. And I think those photos are the liveliest in most of the photos I’ve taken at home, because there’s people this time.

So let me show you some photos of us:

My maternal grandma, mother of maternal uncle and my sister - 1

My maternal grandma and me

My maternal grandma and mother of maternal uncle - 1

And more photos on my flickr

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