Sister’s back home

My pretty sister - 2
Wow, my pretty sister came back from the middle school which I studied in before, that’s excited, haha.

Well, there’s a very long time no see her, I missed her anyway. And that girl’s growing up, you know, there’s about 8 months I didn’t see her, now she’s a little taller and has a cute hairstyle, well, I always like her hair when she even was a kid, beautiful and health and black, not like mine, naturally yellow color.

You know we have a dog? Yesterday she told me that she’s very surprised when she saw that dod first time, haha, she loves that kid then. My mom left it alone when it just can walk a little and there was a cold weather, but my sister got it some clothes and put it into a nice box, then feed it so well. She’s a girl of good compassion, I think :)

And one thing she beats me about that dog is, the dog walks towards her and follows her quickly when she gives it some oral command or whistle, but, damn, for me, it’s not that obedient, it just stays there whatever I do.

My pretty sister - 4

I am so happy that I can meet her before I go back to xiamen, and after this weekend, she’ll go back to school again. We family would see each other in the chinese new year, I guess :)

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