Preparing the tobacco packages

Hey, I just came back from outside, dirty clothes, tired arms, haha~ I was helping carrying the tobacco packages – as I’m surprised, there are 17 packages, and more than half hundred kgs each package, and it’s huge for me, really hard to carry, so my mom and I raised the packages to help my daddy to carry them on his back, so, my daddy is the real hero, not me or my mom, well, both of us can’t carry it and even walk about 150 meters so far at all. You know, as I said before, a family needs a strong father!

Tobacco packages - 01

BTW, we are going to sell the last set tobacco today, we have the order today – all the people who plant the tobacco are assigned a number for selling in queue, so the staff of the tobacco company of our town came to us and classified the tobacco for packaging to the tobacco store(station) this morning, well, at that time, about 7:30 AM, I just woke up.

We have 17 packages of tobacco, though didn’t weight them, but we call tell they’re about 750 KG, really heavy for me. With the classified tobacco, we – my daddy and I had them packaged one by one, it’s a huge work if you could imagine, we have to put them on the burlap(as you can see in the photos) one next to one, then roll it up into the cylinder, then fix it with 4 sharp bamboo sticks – people is really easily to be hurt by that stick, my father was hurt twice today, then blooding :(

Then one of my neighbors who has the order also, told us that there will be a truck for carrying the packages to the store this evening and sell them tomorrow morning, so we have to carry all the packages to his front door where the truck will stand by. And now, all packages have been there, people are just waiting for the truck, and you know, I am writing this post at home :D

Hope everything will be fine tomorrow morning, and I’ll be up very early – about 6:30 AM, my grandma will kick my ass if I don’t get up that terrific early, because there’re so many works to be done tomorrow when my parents aren’t at home to sell the tobacco.

So, goooood night, every body :D

The tobacco - 3

Classifying the tobacco - My daddy

Tobacco packages - 11

Tobacco packages - 08

Tobacco packages - 07

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