Photo diary at home

You know, I am always smiling when I see this collection as someone called me “Mr Mars” :D

This picture shows you the collection of the photos that I’ve taken at my hometown, I got back to my hometown to build our family’s new house on October – finally because of some reasons, we don’t get started to build it, but sure thing that is, I have had a great time with my family, really.

Here’s the collection on my flickr, go take a look if you’d like to, then you will see what I’ve taken at my hometown – which is a small but beautiful village, with my terrific camera, I think there are 880 photos and 50 videos so far, they are really interesting, at least, for me.

Well it’s always feeling good to be home and be with your family. And I think that’s the place where I belong to, I would stay at my hometown as long time as I can if I could get a chance, haha :D

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