One day an egg

New born egg - 1

Hey, a good news here:
this morning my hens just dropped down an egg, I mean it’s having an egg in its nest. I knew it’s had an fresh egg though I was sitting outside, because it came out and “yelled” loudly, that’s a sign that a hen has had an new egg. So I came in there and wow, a beautiful egg’s laying down on the nest. You know, it always feel warm when you have a fresh egg on your hand.

And, BTW, thanks, hen! I usually have my breakfast with an egg, that’s good enough, I think. You know, an egg that comes out from a farmer’s hen is something different from an egg that comes out from a chicken farm(or factory), it’s more delicious and has much nutrition, I think, because we just feed a few hens on the grain here, and the factory feed so many ones on the feeds, that’s the difference.

OK, my breakfast has usually the egg soup(or something like that) at home. I firstly knock one egg open and get it to the bowl, and have some sugar there, as shown below:

One day an egg - 2

And then get some boiled water, and stir, stir, and stir again, then done!

One day an egg - 1

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