A set of new postcards!

a new set of post cards bought in Jimei today :)new postcards – 15, originally uploaded by Chris. Jack.

Today I went to Jimei for a small project and playing football – Oh, I’ve been a long time no playing football – 2 months, I guess. And while waiting someone to meet, I suddenly found a book store and then walked into it. Fortunately, I found a new set of post cards!

Its name is “Man Zou – Gulang Yu” — “slow down and enjoy the view – Gulang Yu”(in English, maybe), which is a white-papered postcard set, lovely sketches of Gulang Yu Island of Xiamen, 10 pieces a set, feel nice.

If you want me to send you one – yeah, one of them, just leave your comment here or email me with your address, I’m glad to send you one, they are really beautiful!

Here is more:

new postcards - 10

new postcards - 07

new postcards - 08

new postcards - 03

new postcards - 11

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