My sister went back to school!

Hey, today is Monday, every student goes back to school.
So my sister does :)

You know, we have had a good time in the weekend, she’s good-nature girl, and has lovely smile, I love it, haha. And I was told so many funny and interesting stories or something about her school life. Like something about her classmates’ names, wow, really cool that she can remember most of her classmates’ names, and even the names of some other people in another class. And some of the names sound funny, some sound beautiful.

She also told me that there are 14 people in their dorm, 12 is the normal and full-member account, and the 2 other girls are from another dorm, it seems that they prefer living in the dorm where my sister lives. Very crowded but she thinks that’s good to be with them. 14 girls! Oh, god!

And she taught me 3 kind of magics of poker, it’s really interesting and terrific, then I learnt it and would like to show someone else it proudly, haha :D

And I’ve taken her and another girl’s photos, below are some:

My sister and her granddaughter - 2

My sister and another girl, who is my sister’s Granddaughter, Neighbor, Friend, Classmate, and Roommate. Really complicated? You know, they are about the same age – my sister is just one year older than her, 17 years-old, actually. But because her father is my cousin, so my sister calls her father as cousin also.

There is one more photo:

My sister and her granddaughter - 6

And more photos on my flickr

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