More Cooliris screenshots

Hey there! After one day trying the cool “Cooliris”: application, I found it is really interesting and useful, and much more fun than exploring in the other normal browsers or other media players. You don’t have to look at something that around hundreds or thousands of words on a single page now, I mean, you can look at something with a single picture around a few words – you know ““A picture is worth a thousand words”: “, and on hundreds of pages in the same time!

And you even can use your Apple Remote to control everything on the main content area if you have a Mac! Pretty cooool :D

OK, there are a few more screenshots I got when I was “discovering” inside Cooliris, just take a look:

Cooliris with flickr

Cooliris with flickr
This interesting photo is from wiseacre photo

cooliris – discover

cooliris - discover

cooliris – shopping

Cooliris - shopping

cooliris – shopping on amazon

cooliris - amazon

cooliris – favorites

cooliris - favorites

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  1. Jeff


    Those are beautiful screenshots, Jack! Cooliris is very cool. It’s nice you gave wiseacre photo credit. (Unfortunately, in Flickr, for some reason a lot of the pictures are “unavailable.”)

  2. christopher Jack


    Hi, Jeff :D

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, Cooliris is pretty cool and creative.
    Ha, I think wiseacre‘s photos are very interesting, I like to be there :)

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