Mom’s handwriting

Mom's handwriting-closer

Mom’s handwriting – looks like a cute pupil’s

This morning my mom asked me to do something for her, she got me to her bedroom, and I saw that there are something on her table, well, I knew she’s going to some banks of our downtown(city) for sending my little brother some money, who is still a university student in Xiamen, because there’s not any banks and post office in my hometown – the village where we’re living, but you know, she’s never been to school in her life, she even can’t write out her name, though she is a very great mother for me, she is my hero, I mean, dude :) But signing my little brother’s name will be need when her money’s on-the-go at the bank. So, she practiced writing – well, “drawing”, actually, with her name, and our names.

She said, “aha, I can write it last week, but I forget it almost right now, I should write like this, shouldn’t I?”, and then she wrote it to show me, well, I was always looking at it. it’s funny that she’s writing the characters with a unconventional order, there’s something wrong with it, though, but it worked well, finally! Actually after I taught her the right construction of those Chinese characters, she wrote them perfectly, pretty coooool, isn’t it? I’m so proud of her, haha :D

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