Mom, I’m on Magazine!

Wow, cool! I’m on magazine!

After more than one month await, this week I finally got the most interesting stuff in the beginning of 2009 – the current on-sale SoGuide Magazine that I am on as a model! As I mentioned in the post “Be the Model of SoGuide Magazine”: before, So-Guide is the most popular magazine in Xiamen(from what I saw), and last month by some chance I was invited for the Magazine as the Model for a special topic – that was talking about the change of the television from the older 60’s of 20 century to the early of 21 century.

My friend who got me the chance for the Magazine gave me the real magazine this week and I was so excited when I held it on my hands, you know that’s the first time I appear on the publishing media, it makes sense in my life somewhere, haha. OK, I mean, it’s really interesting to see yourself on the Magazine as the main role, nothing better than that. It makes me smiling when I look at that funny guy(myself) there every time, that’s all.

So, how many pages am I on?

2 pages, exactly. Here it is:

I'm on Magazine - 07

I'm on Magazine - 08

I'm on Magazine - 05

I'm on Magazine - 03

I'm on Magazine - 02

I'm on Magazine - 10

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  1. Jeff W


    Wow, very, very cool! They’re great pictures of you, also!

    Ask the photographer for digital versions of those photos so you can post them on your blog and on Flickr. That’ll be better than taking pictures of pictures.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Christopher Jack


    Thanks for your nice comment, Jeff :D

    Oh, it’s all right, I didn’t want to the digital versions and it has been a long to since we took the pictures, keep the real magazine is good enough, I think :)

    Anyway, it was very fun :P

  3. Will Dawson


    Wow! Well done!

  4. Christopher Jack


    Thanks for comment, Will :)

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