It’s growing up

Well, nothing special, just saying time past so fast here – on this planet.

It's growing up so fast after I'm back to xiamen - 6You know this plant – sorry I really don’t know what it’s called, which is the only live stuff I got from one of my friends, that guy was leaving us to live with his girl friend, the I got it from him. Then it was taken carefully by its new master – me. Well, I am not a good plant-carer, really, I am not that familiar with such thing so much. But finally, it’s survived with my un-continuous watering, thanks, mom, for taking care of this planet, the only thing I need to do is just watering, I can’t do any more complicated things with it, sure thing.

And It’s growing up so fast after I’m back to xiamen, I went back to my hometown at the middle of October, then it’s not watered by someone else during that time, I guess. It’s supposed to be watered continuously to keep alive, I think. But when I got back to xiamen, then I saw that it’s still alive though the soil is quiet dry. Good boy, haha. And it’s growing up, I can’t imagine that what it’d look like after another couple of months waiting. Anyway, feel good that it’s growing up with me : )

Well, take a look at the set of “Before” and “After” below:


It's growing up so fast after I'm back to xiamen - 8

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