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Hey, I’m leaving home today, finally. I prepared for the package after I had my breakfast, today I got up a little late, the other people have been working outside for about one hour. Well, today I am free because I am leaving for xiamen.

Well, though I really don’t want to leave my family this time, you know, I was very happy with my family within the month I was at home, I absolutely have had a good time with them, I would love to see them and talk to them, any one of them, haha. You know, this morning when I got up, I felt lost that I don’t want to leave. And on the other hand, I can’t just go and leave the paddy to rot, and even let my parents work on that disaster alone, I want to be with them when they are in trouble. The reason I leave is that there’s a big project in xiamen for me, actually, one of my best friends got me a software UI design work of his company, he’s in charge with that project. We talked about that in this week, and the day before yesterday he asked me to go talking about the details with him, that’s urgent! And we’ll go to his offic tomorrow. that could be cool, I guess.

I think I should go because I could make more money there than I make at home, that would help more when our family is in a disaster, and maybe I could help our new house a little if I could get that project done then.

So, gooood bye, mom, daddy and my pretty sister, I will miss you so much. See ya later!

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