Be the model of SoGuide Magazine!

I… I.. I thought I should say I was “excited” here! I was the model of SoGuide Magazine, which is the most popular Magazine in Xiamen. Well, it’s true though I am not a handsome guy like the real and professional model.

Yesterday I went to a “Photography Studio”: to take some photos for the new special topic of that magazine, it will be coming in next week, with my friend, who is my roommate also and the former employee of that Magazine. He still loves doing magazine thing and plans to go back to work for the Magazine again, I can tell, he is talented at such thing. Well, get back to the subject we are talking about.

So what’s the special topic about? My friend told me that the Magazine got a big project that is about the change of the television from older 60’s of 20 century to the early of 21 century, the client is the biggest “TV Station”: in Xiamen. Their idea is going to have the reader more than 2 sets of photographs for showing the change. In these photos, some people wear very fashion and modern, and some others wear very out of style just like the 60-70’s that the time without TV or just with the Black&White TV. I dressed as a football player and was holding a XBOX Remote and the other guy was wearing Iverson’s No. 3 NBA sportswear in the first photo set, then I wore the Black&White TV era costume in the last photo set.

OK, are you wondering “why me”? I thought there are some reasons for you:

  • I am a real football player though I am not a professional one
  • The professional and serious football player is supposed to be improper to the topic, and I am a funny and not-so-serious guy, I can have some hilarious emotion(sometimes), my friend and I do agree with it.
  • I am the friend of the former employee of that Magazine.
  • I got some free time yesterday afternoon.

Why did I agree to go?

  • You know, I love interesting things, and keep looking for it on this planet.
  • I like photographing though I am just a beginner with it, there was a chance to see how a professional photographer works on his project, and how the Magazine team work on such topic.
  • Do my friend a favor, that guy who is the former employee(hope he could get back to that Magazine again)
  • I got some free time. I just finished the planning document of the site re-design for a client and wait for the respond.

Yeah, I was really happy and enjoying with the process of taking the photos as a “professional model”, it was very fun and really interesting. In fact, I saw how they worked together and how the photographer arranged the stage props and the models, I learnt much more than I expected, I think. Well, even I saw how they ate “ugly”, they worked so long time and didn’t eat too much before, I can understand, haha! Everything was pretty nice and cool, but, really, I was tired with the process, you know, I got there at 11:30, but I had to wait for taking the photos until 17:30! It was crazy and boring during about 5 hours! Most of time I just stood somewhere such as the balcony, then talked with some strange guys occasionally, or reading books, or even listened to music with my iPod lonely.

My friend told me that the new periodical Magazine is pretty coming soon, maybe Jan 10, 2009! Today is Jan 5, I will see my photos on the Magazine for the first time, haha. Can’t wait for that long time. XD

Below is the previous period of the Magazine:

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  1. MillieLin


    Great,I don’t know whether I should use Chinese or English to write here!
    MSN:dilly_lin #

  2. Christopher Jack


    Hi, 谢谢你的美言,其实我没有你说的那么厉害 :)

    这个网站是我设计的,用的是textpattern系统,所以你才会在 welovetxp 上看到我的网站,看来不是一点巧 :D

    刚刚去到你的博客上小逛了一下,发现你的生活也是挺有意思的。 福州我有呆过,夏天很热,哈哈~

    我很少上q,加了你的msn,有空多联系,也很期待你的作品 : )

    (Thanks for your kind words)

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