Happy wedding!

There’s a happy wedding Yesterday evening. One of my best friends, A-kuai, who was the football skipper in our collage when we’re studying in the university, yesterday evening was married with my another friend, Li, who’s a pretty girl and the monitor of our class before. Sweet and happy couples, I think!

Here it is what they look like:

Happy couples - 2

Well, I was his teammate in the football team and his best friend, so I was asked to get the hotel where he will have his wedding earlier, pretty eariler, he meant, I guess, so I got there at about 17:30 – you know, the wedding party would begin at about 20:00, well, the invitation said 18:00 but no one would come that early in China. So, I was pretty early as he expected, I guess, haha. Then he got started to “assign” me the job – as a hostess, that would go upstairs to welcome the guests of the wedding and arrange for them to take a good seat. Well, all I need to do is smiling and leding them the way to their seats when the guests are coming up here. That sounds quiet easy, right? Yeah, easy, proud and tired job. Anyway, I was enjoying with it and pleased to welcome all the guests, all of them looked happy, haha~ And be honstly, I really didn’t know what the couples’ families look like, I hope I didn’t give them the big hugs.

There’re more than 100 guests at the wedding, sounds cool and noisy? I think so. Well, as we’re waiting for his family – they were on the way to xiamen from his hometown by car, we talked and took pictures each other and this wedding is kind of a party that makes friends being together, meeting someone we haven’t seen for a long time. I was really happy and had a good time with the others who are my friends and classmates. Well, some guys came with their beautiful girlfriends, really sweet and that made me feeling lonely again :( And I was feeling hungry also because I haven’t had anything during 18:00 and 20:00, it’s dinner time for me, you know.

Finally his family got here then the wedding party was “launched” right away. Then the lights went down, the happiest couples came toward us with the romantic background music. Then as you can imagine, people cheers and applause, there’s the excited crowded people arond them, you know.

Bad news was that I got drunk at the wedding, we had wine, so much, and wanted more! I think we were crazy at that time. I am not good at drinking wine or beer, but yesterday night I think I drunk too much, then I felt headache and vomiting. I went into the toliet and can’t stand up, huhu, poor guy~ Finally I got drunk and was “carried” back to living place by my friends :(

When I woke up today, I just know that there’re so many other guys got drunk at the wedding, sounds painful, but seems that we were really enjoying at the wedding with the friends!

OK, take a look at the photos I’ve taken at the wedding yesterday and a nice slidershow I made:

Happy with the happy couples - 1

Happy with the happy couples - 4

The wedding party is ready - 07

ready to enjoy the wedding reception - 25

The wedding party is ready - 33

The wedding party is ready - 12

And more wedding photos are right on my flickr : )

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