Get to know iMovie

Wow, there!

I’m learning iMovie tutorial from Mr Mac expert, who always wears a black shirt, like Steven, John of Apple do. That’s cool, that shirt thing, I mean :D
Hope I could get one if I can, haha :D

OK, iMovie is not that hard to learn for me, as I thought before, it could be very hard or difficult to me, who’s so idiot to some moving(dynamic) images, such a video, a flash, a meteor, or a angry bull, or something like that :P

Well, I read the pdf and help document that are built-in that application, they are that useful and doing things well, and even I watched the official tutorial from Apple company, the later one did help so much so far as well then, I think I would become a expert of video publishing soon, haha – you know it’s just kidding you :P

Anyway, iMovie is not that hard to learn, really easy, man, like Apple says below:

iMovie is a video viewing and editing application that helps you compile a single video library containing all the events you’ve captured on video. Organize, watch, and work with any video format all in one place.

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