Everything will be fine, including my mom

Well, today I felt depressed though I didn’t go out for working. I don’t know why, just felt like that. It’s not good, I know.

the sky and our old building - 09

My mom felt depressed also, she has been complaining about the weather, the really bad weather and we’re all confused and even start to hate it. You know, in this season, especially this month when I came back to hometown, there has been about 2 weeks rainy days here, it’s a long time for raining that happened to any where and because of the rain, our paddy are all blew down, that’s horrible and a disaster that we have never met before, some of my neighbors said that they’ve never seen that kind of situation like our paddy among their life. Obviously, we’ve lost so much. That’s why my mom continually complaining the bad weather, we just need the sunshine, really! The paddy will rot in the water of our farmland if it still lasts raining, then we will get nothing : (

So during the rainy day, we have to wait, and imagine the paddy are getting rotted and even worse. My mom is really depressed and helpless. She is not a person who scolds, but she does scold now, she scolds why the weather treats us so bad, we didn’t do anything bad or wrong even. You know,
just a couples of months age, my mom was bitten by a snake, and she’s almost gone that time, luckily, she hasn’t! She’s great people, we all prayed for her at that time. And now, the bad situation of our paddy is another “snake” to us, and we’re suffering huge loses in this disaster, I think we can get through with it soon, well, I believe in there’s nothing that doesn’t change at all in the future, everything will be fine, I think.

Oh, one of my neighbors said that I bring the rain here – haha, I do agree with her but I can’t change anything about the weather :(

get wet - 2

rotted rice paddy - 5

old wall - 3

the sky and our old building - 10

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