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After I was done re-designing my personal site – right here, tonight, I just pull and look around the messages on twitter as usual. I found this info on, and when I looked down the list, I found this site‘s name(the No. 10 item) is some kind cute or nice, so I clicked on it, after a little while, I just realized that I was lucky today, I’ve found one more interesting thing on this planet today, I think.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to try it, Cooliris is a browser extension that provides a 3D environment for thumbing through visual sites – like photo and video sites. What’s more, it makes it fun. – from

OK, in shortly, I think Cooliris is the thing that is out of my mind and vision, I didn’t think a browser(extension) or something like that can do that kind of cool thing. While discovering inside the Cooliris world, I was pulling a message like this:”Wow, Cooliris is stunning and coool! I am enjoying with it right now” to my twitter. For me, everything looks different inside the cooliris world, you can discover, search, shopping, with a different way, the stunning 3D way, then you might forget the other normal browsers.

You even don’t need a mouse – just explore inside the cooliris with your fingers, on the Macbook Pro, BTW. The experience of using cooliris for the first time is excited and surprised, there’s much more fun in cooliris, you should have a try with it, then you would love it, I think.

So, how it work? It’s quiet simple to get it work as below:

  • Download and install the application on your machine
  • After you are done with the installation of the application, you will see the cooliris icon right on the top left of your browser(I use safari)
  • Click that icon to launch the Cooliris and get started to discover inside the different world
  • More details about getting started with Cooliris

Cooliris quick preview

View Flickr photos

Watch Videos(youtube included)

Discovering everything interesting

Add favorites with registered account, then share with your friends

Built-in browser preferences

Easily return to Cooliris

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  1. Jeff


    Hi, Jack! Well, I downloaded Cooliris and I’m checking it out now. It was on my brother’s Mac when I was at his place but I didn’t know what it was.

    Thanks for letting your readers know about it!

  2. Christopher Jack


    Hey, Jeff :D

    Thanks for your comment, you know you are the first person who leaves the comment on my site, I wondered who guys would be the first person, it is you! Haha, so happy to see that. This is my first personal site, and this is the first comment for my site :D

    And Cooliris is cool, hope you like it then.

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