Competition of photography

After being with the noisy family – my mom’s loud talking with my aunt via telephone, my mother’s mom sat next to me to listen to what they are talking about, and sometimes she interposed with some words, loud, too. Well, that’s the way of speaking my mom’s household have, speaking as loud as they can, I love that though I haven’t got that hereditarily. My aunt had a problem about that her husband hit her when he’s getting drunk yesterday because of some ridiculous reasons. BTW, I was sitting in between them to listen to them carefully. And my sister’s watching the TV shows in the same room and seems there’s none of her business, just focusing her sight on the screen, hoho~ And my daddy came back home late, so he’s not made any noise then(joke).

Then, right now, I’m updating the post regularly: One day a post, good for life! I think that way. OK, there’s another rainy day again. Nothing special about the weather, I mean. – I need change as Obama does, haha(joke joke).

Because of the “lazy” farmers(well, the bad weather, actually), we-my sister and I, don’t have to go out to work, but with raincoats, my parents went out for working on the farmland today though there’s still some rain. OK, my sister and I are lazy, my parents aren’t. So my parents assigned us some work that can do at home – get the dry paddy packaged. You know, that kind of work is not that hard, so we got it done in about 1 hour. Then do you know what we did then? We were competing for taking the photographs.

Well, firstly, I am sure that my sister who’s 17-years old, has never touched a real digital camera before, so I have to teach her a little basic thing about how to use a digital camera, how to focus on a object, how to zoom in/out, how to preview the photo she just took, and how to press the shutter and things like that. I can tell it’s easy to use and she’s really smart and talent about something like this. After she knew most of things about operating a (simple digital)camera, I had her some examples about the composition in a photograph and some feels about colors. And then I asked her to take some tests first. Well, I was not telling her that we are competing for something, but when we got them into my iPhoto, I placed them in 2 folders apart. Then we would see which one was taken by her, and which bad one’s taken by her big brother.

OK, let me show you some of what we’ve taken:
Yellow shoes - 5
Brother’s version

shoes - 1
Sister’s version

The leaf of taro - 07
Brother’s version

The leaf of taro - 15
Sister’s version

The leaf of taro - 05
Brother’s version

The leaf of taro - 16
Sister’s version

So, what do you think about our works? Whose is better?
OK, anyway, we’re enjoying with it.

And more photos on my flickr

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