Back home for Chinese New Year

Hey, friends, I am back in Xiamen right now, well, I was back in on Feb 7 actually, you know, I really didn’t want to get back so “tight” – I was enjoying the time with my family at my hometown, but I had to get back, the clients were “missing” me after they went work on Feb 3 or Feb 4. So I have been a little busy working on some projects in these days, some were done, some are on-the-go :)

Well, I left for hometown for the Chinese New Year of 2009 on Jan 20 this year, pretty excited to be home, you know, I was looking forward to get back home after last time I “went back to my hometown”: (for building our new house) in Oct, 2008. I am always happy to be with my family wherever I am. I was really glad to see my family again:
Little brother is getting more handsome though his hair is a little long; Little sister still has the attractive smiling face and hair; Mom is getting older and always smiling; Dad is a silent man and always busy doing something; Well, really glad to see my grandma again, she’s doing well and health as well…
And there’s one more guest here, he is my little cousin who is a handsome boy, he came with my little brother for the Chinese New Year from Fuzhou – where his hometown is. Sounds hilarious?

OK, firstly, I’d like to show you a video about How we prepare for the Chinese New Year every year:

Most interesting thing we did at hometown:

Of course it’s roasting something! You know that’s the first thing first to do every year we get home. Usually we roast sweet potato or taro – this year we even roasted both of them. We brothers and sisters walk to the riverside and find a place to get started, the river is the playground where we played around when we were teenagers, and usually I assign some of my brothers and sisters to get some dry woods or materials, and I build the “kitchen” with the stone for holding the fire and the foods! Getting dry woods is pretty easy that you just look around and walk about 10 steps the you’ll get so much. Well, it’s a little hard if there’s raining day, just like the second time we roasted the sweet potato! It’s really bad-lucky when we were roasting the sweet potato, the rain was getting heavy when we just built the “kitchen” and collected some woods, so we have to have the “kitchen” a tent over, well it was simple tent, but it worked and prevented the kitchen from getting wet :)

Roasting taro day - 60
Roasting sweet potato

Birthday party of my one-year-old cousin:

little cousinWell, one year after that cute kid born, his parents had him a party at home. The party was been having around his house and his neighbors’ – that’s the way we people have a party for something. OK, I have to say that my little cousin even didn’t know what happened at that time, just wondered why so many people came to him, touched his faces, gave something to his parents… Haha, he knew nothing about that, I guess.

After I stopped by Fuzhou city, I was back in Xiamen on Feb 7, with happy and satisfied mood. Yeah, I was really happy that I had a great time with my family and seems that’s a good beginning of this year, I think.

So. Good bye and see ya next year, I’ll miss you so much!

Below are some other photos I took during the Chinese New Year:

Soft shell egg - 1
temple day - 094
it's snowing
Perparing for Chinese New Year - 038
little brother - 08

More photos on my flickr “Chinese New Year 2009”: Collection :)

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