Awesome curry rice stew

Long time no see, how are u, my friends?

Yesterday I had a great time with my roommates, it was pretty fun, really. Actually we had a nice and memorable dinner together, well, I mean the food was really nice.

OK, let’s just leave the human alone for a little while, let’s talk about the food, the one of the most delicious food I’ve had ever, not sure what its name is, I’d like to call it as “curry rice stew”. 咖喱杂烩饭 = curry rice stew. It’s good in color , flavor, and taste = 色香味俱全, haha.

Well, here is what it looked like:
cooking dinner - 31

And the video that shows the food was almost done so far, haha:

So, what’s it including in the food:

  • Squid
  • chicken wings
  • carrots
  • curry
  • baby corn = 玉米笋
  • onions
  • short necked clam
  • rice

The steps of getting the awesome food done:

  1. stir or fry each of them separately (except the rice and curry, it doesn’t need to be cook)
  2. mix them with curry into the frying pan, and put condiment and water in time, stand next to it and look at the process like it’s your child and take good care of it, haha.
  3. After that’s done, prepare for the rice and just sprinkle on it!
  4. then enjoy it!

Is it made by myself? Ha, not, of course, I wish I was that talented to be a cook, but I am not :(
So let’s introduce our talented cook, who made that awesome food, and he also is talented to run a magazine, I think. His name is Bevis Ting, chinese name is Da Xiong = 大雄. Here is what he looks like:

cooking dinner - 08

Let me show you more photos about the dinner:

cooking dinner - 07

cooking dinner - 06

cooking dinner - 19

Hungry people waiting in line
cooking dinner - 18

cooking dinner - 30

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  1. Jeff


    Hi, Jack! That looks good. I think the right translation is curry rice stew. 咖喱 = curry, 杂烩 = stew, 饭 = rice

    It looks really good. And it seems like you and your friends had a good time!

    Nice pictures, also, Jack! :)

  2. Christopher Jack


    Hi, Jeff :D

    Thanks for your translation and the kind words.

    One day, maybe I could make that for you when you come visit Xiamen :)

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